From e-mails to printer

tuppence11, Jan 22, 4:22am
Help !Why can't I print off any e-mails. I use Incredimail. I can printfrom stuff etc and can photocopy

dunedin_ree, Jan 22, 4:25am
Incredimail is shit.

newbie5, Jan 22, 4:26am
You should be able to select the email you want and print it have a look in your tools

gibler, Jan 22, 4:26am
harsh but so true.

tuppence11, Jan 22, 4:32am
How can I get rid of Incredimail and go back to paradise as my email provider.

dunedin_ree, Jan 22, 4:43am
Paradise is an email provider and not an email application. Incredimail is an email application.

Do you mean Paradise webmail!

mrfxit, Jan 22, 6:22am

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