Advice please re copying data from DVD to Cd's

Sorry if this is a dumb question .
I have a data DVD which I need to send overseas and I would like to copy to Cds as a precautionary backup in case the DVD is lost or damaged in transit.
I have a new box of CD-R discs - would these be suitable for this process!
Any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks!

geek_riley8101, Jan 27, 10:39 am

Yep fine but could be a little tricky when dividing files size groups to fit on the cd's.
Remember a full DVD holds up to 4300MB (4.3GB)
Cd's hold 700MB

geek_mrfxit, Jan 27, 10:58 am

Why not back it up to a dvd!

geek_d.laidlaw, Jan 27, 11:03 am

Thank you so much for the advice!
My friend has told me that they can read CD's on their computer but they are unsure about data DVDs.Computers and myself are not the best of friends, a novice here, but I always thought it was the same thing!!

geek_riley8101, Jan 27, 11:12 am

no - if so why would one be called a dvd and the other a cd .and cd's were invented years before dvds

geek_drcspy, Jan 27, 1:48 pm