Acer aspire vs. Sony notebook

onesa, Jan 26, 1:41am
Hi all

I'm currently looking at laptops for uni. Does anyone know anything about either of these: Acer Aspire AS5750-182 and Sony VPCEH28FGW! Or recommend any other laptops! I am looking for something reliable, not more than about $1200, doesn't need to be too flash.just internet, Word, media player etc.
Any advice is greatly appreciated. Cheers

drcspy, Jan 26, 1:59am
Acer are NOT good quality

andy pretty much any laptop will do 'word/internet/media player'

djpk4u, Jan 26, 5:04am
Hardly see Acers on my work bench, never seen any sony's so far, touch wood, sony much better laptop!

lythande1, Jan 26, 7:41am
No contest. Acer are shit. Nasty ECS motherboards.

oclaf, Jan 26, 7:41am
Sony's tend to be little over priced, but given the choice between Sony or Acer, I'd always take the Sony. But I'm biased, Sony Style gives me a good discount, and most of my gear is Sony. Only had a drive failure that was replaced under warranty quickly no questions asked.
Look into comparable Asus and Toshibas. They generally rate higher than both Sony and Acer.
Acer is always near the bottom in every reliability comparison.

vtecintegra, Jan 26, 7:44am
Again subject to quickly change.

ropes2, Jan 26, 7:46am
Forgetting about the brands, but looking at the specs of those models, the Sony has the edge too. But both are relatively overpriced at Noels if that's where you're buying them from. Head into PB Tech or a dedicated computer retailer which will save you some coin.

clareo, Jan 26, 8:32am
Lenovo !

kiwifidget, Jan 26, 9:31am
oh novo, not lenovo!!

onesa, Jan 26, 9:08pm
Sweet, thanks everyone

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