Transparency paper for inkjet printer?

kremer, Jan 29, 7:00am
anyone know if it is possible to buy transparency paper to use in an inkjet printer that i can print to use on an overhead projector!

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 29, 7:02am
I doubt it, ink will not stick to a shiny surface. You can get the paper for laser OK. But if you do end up using a laser, make sure you put it in transparency paper mode so you don't destroy the fuser.

kremer, Jan 29, 7:06am
damn looks like i may have to invest in a laser printer

timvdw, Jan 29, 7:42am
Yes you can but don't know where to buy it.I used it in the early nineties before projectors were commodity items.Search Google seems to have hits

tonyrockyhorror, Jan 29, 8:08am
Warehouse Stationery have it.

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