HTC Phones?

vtecintegra, Jan 30, 4:34am
Personally I can't stand Sense (the HTC skin) and think that processor is too slow. I don't consider that model an upgrade over an iPhone 3G at all.

IMO hold out a little longer and get a Galaxy S (original) or better a Nexus S

Also make sure you know which network it will support, that advert suggests its an model suitable for XT but confirm.

suicidemonkey, Jan 30, 4:41am
HTC make brilliant high-end phones, but a lot of cheaper Android phones are average.

I do like Sense though, it does have a slightly negative impact on performance but it is feature-rich and extremely nice to look at.

As vtecintegra said, it's best to hold out for a while and get something decent like the Galaxy S, Nexus S, HTC Desire S or something similar.

vtecintegra, Jan 30, 4:46am
Yeah Sense is love it or loathe it.

A Desire S has a processor that is at least twice as fast as the Aria, a screen with more than double the resolution double the RAM and the internal storage is partitioned far more sensibly. Bigger battery too.

spacies_nz, Jan 30, 5:35am
And if you don't like Sense you can ditch it with a new rom :)

vitaminh, Jan 30, 6:23am

vtecintegra, Jan 30, 6:26am
Thats a bit misleading as Android generally requires beefier hardware to get the same performance as iOS

vitaminh, Jan 30, 6:27am
Ahhh I see. Cheers.

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