Any MS Access experts around?

Building my first database after learning many years ago. MS Access 2003.

Have achieved most of what I need to, but am getting frustrated with one report. I have created a query from a table, query displays all the info fine when I view it. So then I attempted to create a report from the query, all fine except one thing, its returning a number instead of the name, (I am assuming its the ID for that name) the name shows in the query, so I dont think the problem is there, but it must be in the form itself, not sure what to check in properties there.

I have been back and checked all tables, and nothing is set to number instead of text so cant see why this is happening, anyone got any suggestions! (hope I have explained myself well enough!)

geek_speedy_11, Jan 30, 5:50 pm

Have you checked to see what the control source for that particular text box is on the report.

geek_a.h3, Jan 31, 8:39 am