IPad 2 with Wi-Fi+3G

favoritechild, Jan 30, 8:50am
What does 3G mean please. My son needs a ipad for school, is it worth spending extra so it has 3G. Thanks

spacies_nz, Jan 30, 8:54am
3g means you can put a SIM card in it and get internet outside if a wifi network. He wont need that.

Sorry but I would tell the f***ing school to supply there own ipads. What a bunch of dicks saying they NEED one for school.

*rant over*

dunedin_ree, Jan 30, 8:55am
3G: can connect to a cellphone network (Vodafone, Telecom etc) to get mobile broadband.

Sooner or later someone will come along and angrily ask you to explain why your son "needs" one for school.

Edit: oh, look at that, beat me to it.

spacies_nz, Jan 30, 8:55am
^^ yeah but you need to swear! HA

favoritechild, Jan 30, 8:59am
Great Thanks. Also would a 16GB be ok or should I go for bigger, remembering its for a 14 year old.

dunedin_ree, Jan 30, 8:59am
His age is irrelevant.What is he going to do with it!

spacies_nz, Jan 30, 9:00am
It doesnt matter because he NEEDS it, the school said so.

suicidemonkey, Jan 30, 9:35am
What happened to good old text books! Ridiculous.

julieandcasper, Jan 31, 8:22am
It might be a bit premature to be asking students to get them now, but this is going to be the wave of the future I think. On one ipad you can have dictionary, ebooks, google, writing apps, all your text books including the new interactive ones microsoft is making plus the ones already available in the U.S by Macmillan and all those other educational apps like calculators, star charts, periodic tables, human body diagrams, multimedia, recording apps etc. Homework files and so on can be loaded straight on so can school calendars.the list goes on. For a university student if the books are cheap enough for the ipad version it may even save them money on books! It would for sure save their shoulders.

spacies_nz, Jan 31, 8:31am
and what happens when it gets nicked from school!

mattnzw, Jan 31, 9:18am
Are they saying that it will replace the need of another computer! You will still likely need to get them another computer, as you can't really do word processing on an ipad. It is more of a consumption device, for things such as reading ebooks and watching videos. You can buy 'pages' for word processing , but it is very basic, and unless you purchase a bluetooth keyboard, it is difficult to use with an onscreen keyboard.
Also I would wait for the ipad 3, or at least the announcement, which could be in a matter of week. The ipad 2 will then likely drop in price, which is what happened when the ipad 2 was announced. The ipad 2 is now nearly a year old.

Personally I think an ultrabook laptop would be a far better option than an ipad, as you can do far far more on it.

mattnzw, Jan 31, 9:18am
Or dropped, which is more likely. Kids love kicking out books from peoples arms.

time3, Jan 31, 9:36am
i wished my mum get me an iPad for school. luck son.

vtecintegra, Jan 31, 9:46am
Also costs twice as much and isn't as durable.

mattnzw, Jan 31, 10:20am
You can get them for about the same price as the top of the range ipad . Plus with an ipad you may then have to buy accessories, such as the bluetooth keyboard, covers etc. Not as durable as an ipad!, That is debateable isn't it! I would say they were about the same, but the laptop will probably be stored in a shock resistant bag giving it more protection, unlike an ipad which may only have the front folding cover.Other laptops from 500 will also be more usable than an ipad for students in my opinion.

vtecintegra, Jan 31, 10:23am
You don't need to buy the top of the range iPad though.

And no durability isn't debatable, modern tablets are built with much tougher screens than laptops or ultrabooks. The padded bag point is moot, you could just as easily put a tablet into a padded bad afterall.

catweazle, Feb 3, 7:55am
i know a mobile trader who abandoned his ultrabook after a few months. Being opened and closed forty times a day the lid just fell off. With no moving parts I think tablets are more robust and with iPad you have Wifi printing and access to so many apps.

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