Mac's OS X Lion

shagged, Jan 30, 7:51pm
So I upgraded from snow leopard to lion a few months ago. The annoy problem I have is that every time I start up the computer and open safari it opens up all my previous tabs/windows that I was browsing last time the computer was on.

Anyone know how to stop it doing this, so that when you open safari it opens only one window with your home page like it used to with snow leopard.

Also that annoying box that comes up when you go to shut down the computer.saying do you want to open windows when you next start up the computer. Ticking/un-ticking that box does nothing.

-mung-, Jan 30, 9:13pm
I don't use safari so haven't encountered it. sounds annoying much like a number of the half-baked changes made to Lion.

I found this:

also holding shift while opening Safari stops it.

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