If you uploaded family photos/videos to megaupload

mone, Jan 30, 9:00pm
and the US government deletes it. And say the the trial ends in no guilty (still possible) look at OJ Simpson, nothing is clear cut even when it seems so certain, prosecutors could butcher the case and Kim Dot Com has hired Bill Clinton's lawyer.

It could leave tens of thousands legitimate uploaders with a case to sue the US government. Might be interesting.

kevin16, Jan 30, 9:04pm
that would be a waste of time, they're worse than broke,.
that's why they are trying to 'legally' rob whoever they can think of,.

mone, Jan 30, 9:12pm
True, I guess they gotta pay for the Iraq invasion somehow.

vtecintegra, Jan 30, 9:14pm
I doubt it. Did you read the terms of service! I bet it said any and all off your data could be deleted at any time for any or no reason.

mone, Jan 30, 10:44pm
Nope, I don't know anybody who reads those. Or Gmail's 3 pages of T&C. It's boring.

drcspy, Jan 30, 10:50pm
ifyou uploaded anything and the govt deleted it how are you gonna prove you uploaded it ! or what it was !

hurleyl, Jan 30, 11:07pm

doggitt, Jan 30, 11:14pm
True. But the article I read said that the server host company was possibly going to delete the information anyway. The government has copied what they want and the server company is going to close the account due to unpaid bills.

I would of thought the Feds would of grabbed the drives myself.

doggitt, Jan 30, 11:15pm
Who would upload anything to a site and then delete the copy you have locally!

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