Microsoft Outlook help please.

microman33, Jan 31, 9:36pm
I run Microsoft Outlook for my email and noticed that my emails were getting quite full and in need of a cull and kept putting it off.At the same time my hard drive is also way up there on the full side so everything needed a good clean out.In the past with email I have always seemed to be pre warned if it needed cleaning however nothing this time and what is happening is when I open MO it closes itself automatically.Nothing I can do can keep it open - so I cant even start to clear the clutter.I am assuming because both hard drive and MO fairly full is the reason it wont stay open.I have freed up some space on my hard drive but still to no avail.What I need to know is there any way I can get into MO other than the normal way and delete some of the stuff so it is not suffering.I know I should have done a clean before it got to this stage but it became one of those things - a "round to it" job!I can still access my emails through yahoo but I hate the set up on there.
Any suggestions as to what I can do now- many thanks.

r.g.nixon, Jan 31, 9:40pm
1. Use CCleaner (get from to clear out %temp% and 'junk' files.
2. Reduce the size reserved by System Restore to 600MB - 1GB.
3. If those steps don't help, google/bing your problem.

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