HTC Telecom Phone

lisazyby, Feb 2, 6:00am
I have a HTC smart phone with Telecom, less then a week old, which is constanly turning off and on again.The girl in the Telecom shop said that if they send it back and it doesn't do it while the repair department have it they will send it back as being fine.Has this happened to anyone else with one of these phones. It's quite frustrating!

mcceltic, Feb 2, 6:05am
Taken the battery out and put it back in! Reset the phone to default!

lisazyby, Feb 2, 6:08am
Taken battery out and put it back in.No change.

pyro_sniper2002, Feb 2, 6:29am
HTC make many phones.what phone is it exactly.

mcceltic, Feb 2, 6:31am
I'm guessing Wildfire

pyro_sniper2002, Feb 2, 6:35am
Could be.but also could be a Snap or a Sensation.

gilco2, Feb 2, 6:40am
when the sensation came out last year I bought 1 that was imported for the Vodafone network. It used to crash all the time switch off and reboot for no reason. The supplier wasnt very interested and after 2 weeks an ota update was available. I updated it and the problems went away.

rahto, Feb 2, 6:54am
If it's less than a week old, Telecom should just outright replace it for free.

lisazyby, Feb 2, 7:49am
It is the HTC Wildfire S.

mone, Feb 2, 9:41pm
7 day right of return. Telecom have this policy. No questions asked.

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