Printing Problem

chip8, Feb 3, 8:15am
Hiya, I have an Epson Stylus CX3700 that when it prints it leaves blank streaks through the wording. I think this has happened before, but I can't remember how I fixed it. Any ideas please!

henry284, Feb 3, 8:22am
New printer

chip8, Feb 3, 8:23am
That was my first thought yeah.

-bookzone-, Feb 3, 8:24am
Open 'Properties' for your printer. Then 'Maintenance' (or 'Utilities'), then do a head cleaning cycle.

chip8, Feb 3, 8:26am
Thanks, I will try that.

lostdude, Feb 3, 8:30am

Answer found by googling "How to head clean Epson cx3700"

chip8, Feb 3, 8:39am
Thanks, I have cleaned twice and it is improving so will try another couple of times. I really appreciate the help.

chip8, Feb 3, 8:46am
Thank you, thank you, thank you. All fixed.

-bookzone-, Feb 3, 8:48am
Good one!

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