Need advice for buying a laptop :)

awagirl, Feb 4, 8:24pm
Im wanting to buy a lap top and are wanting to know what i should be looking for in a good one.I have teenagers so i need something that can store lots of pics etc, play games, is fast, has a web cam in it and wifi.Also what memory etc should i be looking at.
your advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you :)

drcspy, Feb 4, 8:33pm
most but not all have a webcam, ALL have wifi these days, memory (ram) look for a minimum of 2GB many will have 4GB you dont really need more, pics etc storage ! Well most now-a-days will store literally THOUSANDS of them no worries with room to spare look for 250GB and up hard drive capacity.

Fast ! .cpu speed helps look for bigger numbers to some extent in general get an intel i5 or i7 if you want fast.

problem: Games - can be VERY demanding on the system - you REALLY need to detail what games they'll be wanting to play otherwise no-one can suggest anything suitable

vtecintegra, Feb 4, 9:21pm
Yes games is the key aspect as far as choosing components goes. If you just mean Facebook style simple games, or Angry birds then anything will do, if you mean modern 3d games then you'll need a very powerful system.

You'll also need to choose what screen size you think will suit you, and how long you want to be able to work on battery - in general the high end gaming laptops have extremely poor battery life because they are so power hungry. Also don't underestimate things which don't exactly show on the spec sheet - for instance a good keyboard and trackpad, decent build quality, screen quality (as opposed to size or resolution) and how good the speakers are - you can only find these things out by going into a shop and having a look (just ignore any overly pushy salesmen)

hakatere1, Feb 4, 11:34pm
I hope you had a look at the thread entitled simply 'Laptop', in which shrapz gave a link to Lenovo site, ie. My choice would be the E520 upgraded to 8gb ram and the $1 giveaways of course. Good quality brand, fast pc for around $1300 inc gst.

awagirl, Feb 5, 9:28pm
Thank you for your posts and advice.

I will go have a look at the thread, games are mostly facebook games, and they watch youtube alot.

Your input and advice has been very helpful.Muchly appreciated. :)

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