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bigyin13, Feb 5, 1:01am
How can you tell if someone has remote access to your computer and how to stop it!

drcspy, Feb 5, 1:05am
what makes you ask this question !

bigyin13, Feb 5, 1:07am
Because at a certain each night every night at the same time it is being used,not by me

r.g.nixon, Feb 5, 1:12am
How do you know!

drcspy, Feb 5, 1:13am
yep please be SPECIFIC in your description of what happens

mrfxit, Feb 5, 1:14am
Sounds more like a scheduled security scan.
Far too regular to be a hacker

bigyin13, Feb 5, 1:18am
because I was told I had used all my gigs which h ad just been doubled. I checked the usage and saw this.It has started in July whenI changed to vodafone before thart I had only 5 gigs and never used that much I have 20 now

r.g.nixon, Feb 5, 1:19am
Vodafone mobile or ADSL!. If ADSL does this include wifi!

little_egypt, Feb 5, 1:19am

drcspy, Feb 5, 1:20am
that doesn't mean someone has remote access to your computer it more likely means you have a wirless router and someone is tapping into it

do you have a wireless modem/router
is it secure !

bigyin13, Feb 5, 1:22am
yes and it is supposed to be protected

mrfxit, Feb 5, 1:24am
Yes but WHO told you the wireless is secure.
YOU . should know what the password is for accessing the wireless connection

drcspy, Feb 5, 1:26am
how do you know this !
if I for example was to try to connect to your router/modem wirelessly would I need to put in a password !

also some virus infections can result in LARGE useage of your allowance - what antivirus do you have !

bigyin13, Feb 5, 1:30am
Would a vrus do this at the same time every night!

drcspy, Feb 5, 1:32am

how about you answer the questions about your supposedly secure wireless !

bigyin13, Feb 5, 1:34am
how about you being less rude

shyly, Feb 5, 1:34am
Who else lives in your house that could be accessing your WiFi!

bigyin13, Feb 5, 1:34am
just my family

shyly, Feb 5, 1:36am
And you dont think it could be one of them!

drcspy, Feb 5, 1:39am
how about you stop being a tightwad and go PAY for a tech to help .

as they say on dragonsden "I"m out".

drcspy, Feb 5, 1:40am
ungrateful much !

bigyin13, Feb 5, 1:47am
I am getting it looked at but thought someone might know. I thought you were leavig and I a m not ungrateful as you were rude and did not shed any light on my question

drcspy, Feb 5, 1:51am
PLEASE post the statement I made that was 'rude' !

I think YOU were 'rude' to not answer SERIOUS questions about your situation how the hell people can help if you wont answer I dont know.I'm a tech and I was working towards getting the info we needed but you've just thrown a spanner into your own works.

drcspy, Feb 5, 1:52am
as for not 'shedding light' on your 'question' I cannot comprehend how you expect me to shed light or anyone else if you wont provide essential answers to what are important questions.

doh !

morticia, Feb 5, 2:00am
The problem is that techs expect people to have a basic understanding of their gear and set up, and the people never set it up, don't know their equipment or what each bit does, or even have a simple idea of what data is and what it means to use it.

Computers are for the masses and anyone can buy one without the ability to learn anything other than how to tie the PC shoelaces. Some will learn to figure stuff out and ask intelligent questions some never learnt how to program their VCR because it wasn't a skill they were prepared to learn or needed to. These people often should bypass this forum, pay a tech and get it sorted out.

Those in the middle ground are far more likely to figure it out for themselves or at least know how to ask questions the right way so the techs who do give up their time here to help people don't get accused of being "rude" for trying to make one of the first sort give up the basic info needed to at least start to assess the problem.

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