Acer iconia anyone own one?

-gadgetgirl-, Feb 5, 3:32am
Hi looking at getting an acer iconia a200i would like to know about the microphone on it.most sites say its not that good for skype or any voice programs.anyone had any problems!

ians2, Feb 5, 3:50am
Have 1 but have not yet used the microphone facility. It does work is all I can say at this stage. Did a 'hello test' thing but not much more than that.

-gadgetgirl-, Feb 5, 4:03am
have you used it much yet!i ideally want it for ereading, internet basics tv on demand and the occasional word processing editing and email checking.

-gadgetgirl-, Feb 5, 4:04am
skype is what i would like to try on it as i want it for while i am over seas for 5 weeks

ians2, Feb 5, 5:04am
take a wild guess as to what I am using at present!

I have installed both the 'Kindle and 'Kobo' reader apps, as well as a few others and use it quite a bit.

Currently trying to find both a screen cover and a 'folio cover.

Extended the memory with a 32GB micro SD card, that currently has 10 GB free left. Only had it about 10 days.

Really like it so far.

ians2, Feb 5, 5:05am
Have installed but not used Skype.

-gadgetgirl-, Feb 5, 5:15am
cool, would be interested when you do how it goes with skype. and anything that uses the microphone

teejay20, Feb 5, 5:19am
Have you read with it much!Is it comfortable to hold for a long period of time!I am looking at one of these also.

ians2, Feb 5, 5:44am
I use the e-reader function every evening, reading for about half an hour in bed before going to sleep. I have set the font to slightly smaller than the reader app had at installation and read with the device in 'portrait' mode.

I hold the device with my left hand while the weight is supported on my stomach. The right hand controls the operation of the reader, I favour the 'tap to turn' page mode.

Sitting in front of the TV, I rest the device on my leg and hold with the left hand again.

Quite comfortable that way.

wendy2, Feb 5, 6:25am
I have an A501 and I love it.I read books, edit documents, check email etc.The screen on the Acer is really nice.I haven't used the microphone yet as I don't use Skype very often.

lisb, Feb 13, 4:04am
Has anyone been able to find a folio cover and screen protector for the a200,trying to find one for my sons.

ians2, Feb 13, 4:49am
No still haven't found either.
Obtained a cheap iPad 'stick-on' screen protector and chopped it down to size, but that's not entirely satisfactory. There is a gap over one 'black' end section.
However does keep me grubby mitt prints off the glass.

Still looking for folio cover.

lisb, Feb 13, 4:53am
I have found one both on ebay just not sure if they will be the right ones,They say they are!Was hoping to get one here in nz

lopsta5, Feb 13, 5:25am
We have an a200 and its great. My wife reads ebooks on it every night. Also ice cream sandwich (Android 4) is rolling out for it very soon (some overseas have got it today).

bobsone1, Feb 13, 5:27am
I looked at A200 last week.Like you would be using it for Skype.Got very "tinny" sound from a downloaded U Tube clip.Also volume was turned up to maximum but was straining to hear it.(Fair amount of background noise in shop though).Decided to wait a couple of months before I look again.New models coming out and price will drop.

ians2, Feb 13, 5:30am
Just had a look at the Acer store and they now have folio covers specifically for the A200. Special folding stand type of thing.

£29.99 for it. That is a 'pound symbol if it doesn't transmit proper.

cameragod, Feb 13, 9:02am
I have a 500, good sound and the Mic works fine for Skype.

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