Adobe InDesign not licensed.please help!

aquarianchick, Feb 6, 2:55am
I have purchased and downloaded this software, and it won't work as it's lot licensed properly.anyone had this error, and have a solution!

gibler, Feb 6, 2:58am

aquarianchick, Feb 6, 3:10am
been there done that.not relevant as the folder file they tell you to change doesn't exist in my services :(

chnman, Feb 6, 3:25am

aquarianchick, Feb 6, 8:05am
Tried this too.again the absence of the flexnet licensing thing meant most of the solutions did not work :( Might have to start ringing around tomorrow as I am at my wits end.

chnman, Feb 6, 8:13am
If you have purchased from Adobe and has licensing issues you could email Adobe support. Or try their "live chat" on the following page:

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