I need a new ADSL Modem

rowan11, Jun 17, 11:09am
I need a new ADSL Modem Hey my D-link 504T modem has packed up so its time to move on, I need a new modem what can you guys recommend to me that is good value for money & something reliable & solid, as always your help is much appreciated

_sexylady_, Jun 17, 11:21am
Single, 4 port, wireless? ....

_sexylady_, Jun 17, 11:24am
US Robotics are probably one of the best, but they also come with one of the highest price tags attached, Netgear seems to be ok, Linksys are also ok, there is one that we tend to sell a lot of as it seems to be both reliable and affordable which is TP-Link (have not ad one fail as of yet and have put many out there.

julieandcasper, Jun 17, 6:55pm
I agree with sexy. Plus if you're going router, Dynalink make a good model which name escapes me, not to be confused with Dlink which gets some adherents but an equal or greater number of vocal haters. :) Billion, if you can get one, are supposedly good too.

hybrid_theory, Jun 17, 9:25pm
USROBOTICS ftw.. u cant go wrong with that.

i have the 9106 wireless model for about umm 7 years and its never missed a beat. we are about 4.8ks away. just bloody brilliant!

get rid of the dlink. its crap.

matthew_129, Jun 18, 2:27am
My Pics Cisco (Only if you have a spare $700 and a few hours to bash code into it to get it going), Linksys, Billion. Ive only ever had one of these brands die on me, and that was a linksys that has been in the server room at work going non-stop for the last 5+ years. Billion IMO is the easiest to use of the lot though.

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