Gaming, mainly on Facebook

purr-fect, Feb 7, 3:12am
I believe laptops are too slow, any other suggestions as I am pretty computer literateLOLiPad !

rgtrading, Feb 7, 3:27am
Not an iPad. Despite all the hype they are slower than any new laptop. Any new laptop will be fine if your are just playing facebook games. However, you can get the same hardware for much less if you get a desktop instead.

vtecintegra, Feb 7, 3:27am
What games! Most Facebook games are done with Flash and will not work on the iPad at all.

As for laptops being slow that is simply not the case - you can buy everything from extremely slow to extremely fast models.

purr-fect, Feb 7, 3:51am
thanks for the input

lythande1, Feb 7, 4:27am
Facebook isn't real gaming anyway, mostly Java stuff. Any laptop would do.

the_tardis, Feb 7, 6:03am
You could try a tablet but may not be the best for such gaming like that, laptops are probably the best option to go with for those sort of games.

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