Bit Torrent

3352582, Feb 7, 9:06pm
what is the best torrent site you know, and don't say pirate bay :)

gibler, Feb 7, 10:12pm
It's a trap.

3352582, Feb 7, 11:20pm
no its not!
I use pb, but want a change!

pd18, Feb 7, 11:23pm
Your an overseas company trying to catch people out!

3352582, Feb 7, 11:35pm
hahaa no unless you can call whakatane oversees!

fordcrzy, Feb 8, 12:26am
Be carefull.
You will have 70 police turn up on your doorstep to enforce a law from another country that hasn't even been passed by the senate yet. Who said democracy and national sovereignTy was dead!

jcmp21, Feb 8, 1:23am
I'm sorry please refer to our law enforcement correctly. The FBI Auckland branch and Auckland Sheriffs office thank you for this I'm sure.

henry284, Feb 8, 3:03am

mtg4u, Feb 8, 5:53am
Torrenting is NOT illegal, discussing trackers is NOT illegal, downloading how ever Copyright infringement is :D. I like to use private trackers.

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