Advice on best corded mouse please

skinfood2, Feb 9, 12:52am
can someone recommend a good quality mouse, i just bought 1 on TM for $20 and the middle scrolling down button is useless.I don't do any gaming, just TM and other net surfing, thanks

mgc54, Feb 9, 1:05am

asmawa1, Feb 9, 1:05am
I purchased a low end Razer mouse approx 5 years ago.In everyday use and still without fault.

tigra, Feb 9, 1:08am
Bought a bulk buy ofGenius for wife's tuition centre some 5 years ago and as far as I know all are going. Think they were about $6 each

hakatere1, Feb 9, 1:41am
$20 is too much. Why don't you go wireless!

lostdude, Feb 9, 8:22am
You can get the KB as well for that price:!p=403174

deus701, Feb 9, 9:56am
the basic microsoft mouse is good.

vtecintegra, Feb 9, 9:58am
Logitech G400 or G500

They nominally gaming mice but there isn't anything to stop you from using it for normal desktop usage. They build the buttons and scroll wheel much tougher on the gaming models so you won't be wearing it out anytime soon.

magicmat, Feb 9, 10:01am
+1 - Simple, yet reliable and cheap. I have always had MS meeece since the (thankful) demise of the old roller ball jobbies

olack, Feb 9, 11:48am
I would go for any optical or laser Microsoft mouse but the ones with the red LED on the end are accurate and cool. If I had to buy one for a dollar that is.

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