Advice please for buying a new Macbook Pro 15"

Hi I am itching to buy a MAcbook Pro 15" from the Apple Store but am confused by the many upgrades available & wondered if any good tips please. Mostly homework, music,photos & internet stuff but like speed & storage. Anti glare screens worthwhile ! Many thanks, Erika

geek_erika12, Feb 9, 6:13 pm

You could buy the bottom specced Macbook Pro and it would do "homework, music, photos and internet". Hard-drive capacity: find out how much space you're *using* on your current computer and double it - that's plenty.

An anti-glare screen is personal choice: it depends where you will be using it and where the sun's coming in.Personally I prefer matte over glossy.

geek_dunedin_ree, Feb 9, 6:23 pm

son has one for art design ; also a heap of music ,videos etc has adobe design loaded as well as office
good space and speed, go for it ! ($3000.00)

geek_gandalff4, Feb 9, 6:28 pm

huh! options! You choose between two speeds for a 15 inch and then get ripped off if you want to increase RAM, Hard drive or select a "high-res" screen.

Just get the slowest one with the default options. it will be fine.

geek_gibler, Feb 9, 6:28 pm

I'd get the screen upgrade but other than that the base one is fine.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Feb 9, 6:32 pm

I have the base model, it's fine. The higher res screen would be nice but probably not worth the price unless you NEED it.

Just remember you can get a similar specced Windows machine for half the price and it will be just as reliable.

geek_suicidemonkey, Feb 9, 6:38 pm

Thanks everyone

geek_erika12, Feb 9, 6:41 pm

could save money an get a non mac.

geek_l43a2, Feb 9, 10:25 pm

Thanks for your input, we have one Mac & are really happy with it after other-brand bad purchases. Mac is the way to go for us &, according to Consumer, over 90% of Mac purchasers are really happy with the brand & support & wouldn't chose another

geek_erika12, Feb 10, 11:44 am

and over 90% of people that tell you to "save money" and not get a mac have never owned one themselves.

Lots seem to pat themselves on the back for being so clever.

geek_-mung-, Feb 10, 12:10 pm

and over 90% of people that tell you to "save money" and not get a mac have never owned one themselves.

Lots seem to pat themselves on the back for being so clever.
Edit: shouldn't bother saying that but the giving advice based on conventional wisdom and nothing else is a bit annoying.

geek_-mung-, Feb 10, 12:10 pm

I get it & take it all with a grain of salt :)Thanks for your time, everyone & responding. I've ordered a 15" from the Online Apple store with a University student discount & an iTunes bonus voucher. I've gone with the hi-res, anti-glare screen option after reading comments & talking to a few others.I remember using such a screen a while back & it was a lot sharper than the normal Mac screen I'm on now. Will be looking out for the courier van next week ! iPad is my next purchase but I've heard rumour of a new model or upgrade out later this year so I may wait.

geek_erika12, Feb 10, 12:39 pm

Good on ya, sound be a great laptop.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Feb 10, 12:44 pm

Thanks. My son & I will be fighting over it. That's why I can justify the iPad :)

geek_erika12, Feb 10, 12:52 pm