Samsung Galaxy - CB Messages

It's driving me crazy. I've started getting messages from CB messages on my Galaxy. These messages don't have a number they just come addressed as CB messages with a pic of a telephone tower. The messages tell me what tower my phone is using (or something - they just have a location).

2 degrees said it's not from their side. I can't find a setting on my phone that might be the cause. Can anyone shed some light on this!


geek_goodcleanfun, Feb 12, 9:12 pm

geek_drsr, Feb 12, 9:50 pm

Awesome. Thanks for that. Not sure how it was suddenly activated. Have followed the instructions. Fingers crossed.

geek_goodcleanfun, Feb 12, 10:08 pm

Messaging icon, then left button, then select settings.

Scroll down and untick Cell Broadcast (CB) activation

geek_guest, Jun 1, 1:42 am

Great it worked thanks.

geek_guest, Jul 3, 10:19 am

always disturbing

geek_dhruv, Jul 29, 10:01 pm

thanks this will stop it driving me crazy :)

geek_guest, Aug 27, 9:09 pm