Iphone 3G no service

travis47, Feb 14, 6:39am
My phone has been repaired and now I cant receive any service. Is there something I am missing, that I should do! I would hate to send it back to Auckland only to have them send it straight back with a something silly I have missed.

henry284, Feb 14, 7:07am
Get an android based device

mazdasix, Feb 14, 7:17am

After reading many of your messages on this board i've taken screenshots of some things you've posted so I can contact Trademe. I find a lot of your messages extremely inappropriate.

owene, Feb 14, 7:29am
I agree. he's a total twerp with his rediculous postings. I have been accused of this crime as well but at least my silly comments contain some humour and are not derogatory. This henry idiot is just plain rude.

petjrimm, Feb 14, 9:18am
I've heard that the iPhone can lock itself out of a network if the SIM card has been removed and put back in. This may be the case for you if it's been sent away to Auckland because I've also heard the techs will use their own SIM cards during testing etc.
If you can, try backing it up in iTunes and then do a factory restore.
Once that's done, restore your data from the backup and it should come right.

fordcrzy, Feb 14, 9:16pm
Checked your apnand network provider settings!

pip4, Feb 15, 8:25am
Go to settings on your phone then somewhere there is provider.check you your right one ticked

cameradoctor, Feb 16, 2:06am
Is it an unlocked phone ! If the tech updated the firmware you will have lost the unlock.Other than that, try putting SIM in, then turn on aircraft mode, then turn aircraft mode off, and it should search for network again.

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