Any Brother printer experts

pongo3, Feb 15, 4:57am
Have a DCP195C which has suddenly decided to not scan to File or OCR
and even the Mail and Image don't go where they used to.
Sure it's just a settings thing.
Have tried to reinstall with disc that states that it includes Driver but screen comes up saying there is no Driver.All tests say Driver is installed and running ok.Any suggestions.(Have triedBrother sites but no joy there)

drcspy, Feb 15, 5:01am
please state the EXACT message

pongo3, Feb 15, 6:01am
Says"This CD does not contain Drivers for your computers operating system"
then says to consult Brother sites.

When the CD first window comes up it says that it has the driver on it.

pyro_sniper2002, Feb 15, 6:14am
Download the driver from their website. Possibly an older printer and you're using a newer operating system like Windows 7.

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