Can someone explain a 3G tablet to me.

hails69, Feb 15, 9:08pm
.because my google skills don't seem to be working well today lol.I'm going in this afternoon to buy a 3G samsung tablet for $799 (good price!) so that I can go and visit clients and show them things on the net without needing wifi.

But how does the 3G actually work!How do I get hooked up and who do I pay for my internet useage!


mazdasix, Feb 15, 9:09pm
You will need a Telecom, Vodafone or 2Degrees sim card to put in it.

Then you can use pre-pay or get a data plan.

Just like in a smart phone :)

charles.j, Feb 15, 9:12pm
Just remember, going over your data cap can be expensive.

hails69, Feb 15, 9:12pm
I have a telecom simcard in my phone (not smart phone) - will this be ok!It's a pre-pay phone.

mazdasix, Feb 15, 9:14pm
Yes but using pre-pay data is VERY expensive

hails69, Feb 15, 9:14pm
Can you make a recommendation!

mazdasix, Feb 15, 9:16pm
Pays to get a plan. 150MB is about $12 a month which is fine for light browsing/e-mail use. Not good for Youtube or downloading much though.

But Telecom have plans all the way up to 4GB for around $80 a month.

hails69, Feb 15, 9:21pm
Would that be with Telecom (the $12 plan)!It would just be light use, looking at websites, no downloading or youtube etc.Many thanks - you've been very helpful!

mazdasix, Feb 15, 9:46pm
yeah it's with Telecom.

150MB should be fine for light use. if you find you need more, you can get 300MB for $18 a month.

hails69, Feb 15, 9:54pm
Thank you :-)

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