Upgrading iPad to 3G

I don't know much about this and I want to take my iPad overseas with me.how does this work. Do I have a plan or do I just pay horrendous rates as with a roaming phone overseas.

geek_janz4, Feb 16, 10:03 pm

You can't "upgrade" a wifi-only iPad to a 3G model.

If it's already a 3G model which takes a sim card, buy a sim card overseas or use wifi hotspots.Don't use roaming data with a NZ plan. The difficulty/cost of buying a sim card overseas varies depending on where you go.

geek_dunedin_ree, Feb 16, 10:06 pm

Overseas you can sign up to cheap wifi plans as well as using free hotspots. It's only in NZ that 'pay wifi' is yet to become commonplace.
Check out Boingo: http://www.boingo.com/

geek_carkitter, Feb 16, 10:18 pm

Not in the UK. Very difficult to get a wifi connection. NZ tends to be a lot better. You really need 3G if traveling, but buy a local sim, don't use roaming, very expensive.

geek_mattnzw, Feb 16, 10:22 pm

Should have said I am swapping my iPad so I can get one with 3G so I can use it overseas, mainly UK.
So I just get a local sim card and I'm away is that it.
Thanks for your help

geek_janz4, Feb 17, 11:46 am

geek_carkitter, Feb 18, 3:54 am

Make sure you get the right size card.

geek_jwgtn, Feb 18, 6:23 am