Acer Battery for Aspire 5741G

Hi there. I have a Acer Aspire 5741G laptop, and I have just put the battery pack back in the laptop (have been using just the cord) and my batter icon is saying that it has 17% power and is charging. However, it hasnt gone up in % in about an hour. I have tried unplugging, taking battery out and holding down power button to discharge residue, but it hasnt made it better. Has anyone got some suggestions as the battery hasnt been used much in the time that I have had it (aprox 1 yr) and Im really hoping that I wont have to get a new one as yet!

Thank you in advance!

geek_tum-tum, Feb 17, 9:13 pm

If you haven't used the battery in a long time leave it charging overnight.

geek_blenheim-trader, Feb 18, 1:36 am