Question re vodafone smart tab, again.

h-boy, Feb 20, 11:51pm
i thought it had 16GB internal memory which is what it says on the box but when i go into 'storage' on the tablet it says i only have 116MB which is bugger-all right! so do i have to 'unlock' my memory or have I been given another dodgy tablet!

vtecintegra, Feb 21, 12:12am
Are you in this screen!

It should look very similar to the screen shot, although it has 16GB of storage not all is available to you

h-boy, Feb 21, 12:16am
yes and where that one says 12odd GB mine only says 116MB total *sigh*

vtecintegra, Feb 21, 12:19am
Hmmm most odd. I really don't know what else to suggest

h-boy, Feb 21, 12:19am
thanks anyway, beginning to think me buying this damn thing was never meant to be lol

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