Exchange just got upgraded to ADSL2+ and

xxxrapidfirexxx, Feb 21, 12:30am
We are still getting the same crap speed. less then 3mbps.same speed as when we had ADSL. I emailed telecom and they said theres nothing wrong with the speed. i thought being upgraded would of gave us better speed

gibler, Feb 21, 12:44am
depends entirely how far away you are from the exchange/cabinet. quality of the phone lines . quality of your internal phone wiring . and if your ADSL router sucks or not.

agarn, Feb 21, 12:46am
! is your Router capable of adsl2

swivel, Feb 21, 1:07am
That would be the one i'd say, Or what plan are they on

xxxrapidfirexxx, Feb 21, 1:50am
the exchange is less then 500m down the road, telecom said quality of the ph lines are good and yes we have the newest telecom modem that they gave us 2months ago

esawers, Feb 21, 2:08am
the connection speed in your router should have changed

omzig, Feb 21, 2:54am
Did you try restarting the modem since the upgrade!
You should be getting much faster than that, Im about 500m from box and getting about 14mbps down and 1mbps up

xxxrapidfirexxx, Feb 21, 5:12am
No i just got home and checked it, its still 832 up/7,616 down, same as when we had ADSL. I rang telecom last week and the lady on the phone said we gotta change plans or something, i doubt that will do anything.

xxxrapidfirexxx, Feb 21, 5:16am
Actually no i havn't, i might give that a try and see if it does anything. It says this when i go to here

''This address is connected to an exchange which has already been upgraded with ADSL2+ equipment''

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