ADSL2+ Eh?

geek_henry284, Feb 21, 3:25 pm

geek_swivel, Feb 21, 3:52 pm

geek_ropes2, Feb 21, 3:58 pm


geek_swivel, Feb 21, 4:00 pm

faster than 58% of Singapore.

geek_ropes2, Feb 21, 4:01 pm

telecom adsl2+. i live less than a km from the exchange

geek_shaun16, Feb 21, 4:02 pm

Our office is across the road from the cities main exchange.

geek_geekstore, Feb 21, 4:23 pm

This is cheating, it is from work, but i like these numbers.

geek_executor1, Feb 21, 4:29 pm

.So do I. Good speed eh

geek_henry284, Feb 21, 4:31 pm

geek_pheonix, Feb 21, 4:32 pm


geek_swivel, Feb 21, 4:37 pm

geek_henry284, Feb 21, 4:43 pm

Orcon Max download/128 Upload plan

geek_happy2buy, Feb 21, 5:01 pm

Tiu signage

geek_henry284, Feb 21, 5:03 pm

geek_davidgb, Feb 21, 5:13 pm

Yes my best speed after 6 speed tests would make a good Tui Sign. Have on the sign Ultrafast Broadband -- Yeah Right, then a picture of the average nz speed.

geek_happy2buy, Feb 21, 5:14 pm

geek_wendy2, Feb 21, 5:15 pm

If you're on 128k up plan you're not going to get much better, I would bet if you changed to a FS/FS you'd see a speed increase.

geek_wendy2, Feb 21, 5:26 pm

I bet this is the slowest ADSL2+. Unlimited speed plan too!

geek_ladeda, Feb 21, 6:16 pm

Wow, are you sure its just unlimited data

geek_henry284, Feb 21, 6:23 pm

geek_thusisperfectio, Feb 21, 7:51 pm

geek_gubay, Feb 21, 8:17 pm

geek_sinet, Feb 22, 11:47 am

Yes I would have a slight increase, but I am on an old exchange. Also I do not want to loose my unlimited data that I have had since 2005. I can still download hundreds of GB's a month at this speed.

geek_happy2buy, Feb 22, 12:02 pm

My speed test using Orcon Max download/128 Upload plan at 4:00am GMT was 5.97Mb/s, Today at 11:04pm GMT my speed was 12.82Mb/s

geek_happy2buy, Feb 22, 12:08 pm

I'd say that you have gone over your limit and have been slowed down at those speeds.

geek_happy2buy, Feb 22, 12:09 pm

No, I've only used 14GB of my 60GB limit.

geek_ladeda, Feb 22, 12:46 pm

To the original poster: When I got reconnected to the new cabinet over the road, I got a similar result on a year old Huawai modem that claimed to be ADSL2+ compatible. New firmware, same result.

Then I tried a DLINK modem, and my sync speed shot up to the 16+ result shown in #2. My advice, try another modem.

geek_gyrogearloose, Feb 22, 6:48 pm

Telstra Cable as a comparison, at least i get what i pay for.

geek_rdeejay, Feb 22, 6:58 pm