Repeated phone calls with automated "Goodbye"

The phone rings. There's silence on the line, then at the end an automated voice says "Thank you, good-bye" or something like that. It's the same every time. Caller ID does not work on the phone I normally use. I will check the other phone to see if anything showed up. Anyone else experiencing this!

Apologies if this does not seemt to belong incomputing, but it did not seem to belong anywhere else.

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geek_echoriath, Feb 24, 8:40 pm

I think its an auto dialler.

geek_tool_shop173, Feb 24, 8:43 pm

The company doing it has a computer randomly dialling numbers with operators awaiting the call but if the operator is busy then you get that message.

geek_tool_shop173, Feb 24, 8:45 pm

it's the scammers doign that post #3 said .and one day you'll get to speak to one of them who'll say something like "hi I'm from microsoft (or soem other tech type firm) and we have reports your computer has a virus".at about that point is where you either hang up .or say "just wait a minute while I get my husband who is a computer tech in he nz police he'll know more about it" .then THEY'LL hang up lmfao and you wont hear from them again

geek_drcspy, Feb 24, 9:06 pm

Have had just the one that I'm sure of. (Have had a few calls with nobody there, but maybe have hung up too soon.) I think, as drcspy said. They are bastards. That call could scare hell out of elderly people living alone.

geek_richard112, Feb 24, 10:43 pm

Thanks for the feedback. When the phone rang again tonight the wife said, "You answer it. It's probably just one of your girlfriends again who keeps hanging up when I answer." So that's always good.

The young fella has fielded several calls from tech scammers. He is wise to their tricks, and often stalls them to jump on google to do a keyword search while they give their spiel. Once the search is complete, he starts asking pointed questions to put them on the back foot and show that he has their number. Very amusing and sharp for a 16 yo. Makes his poppa proud.

geek_echoriath, Feb 24, 10:56 pm


geek_echoriath, Feb 24, 10:57 pm

Had a woman on tonight ,first for ages,usual crap about Windows,let her talk for a while,then asked if she was a tech,
'no,but i pass on info to them'
I said 'I know your husband '
She says'you know my husband'
I said 'yes i know your husband and so does the police'
Again she says 'you know my husband'
I say 'yes and i am going to tell him what you are doing behind his back,you are in big trouble.
A bit of whispering in background then she says"goodbye"LOL.

geek_1830, Feb 24, 11:28 pm

Over seas call, Contact your phone provider and get a overseas block for a month (free with TC), it will stop them as the will flag your number bad and not try.

geek_swivel, Feb 24, 11:48 pm

We have had them as well,scammers.

geek_annmary79, Feb 25, 10:52 am

ok the one that you pick up and its quiet then says goodbyeis basically a machine for telemacketers. if you answer and here goodbye they know someone is at home so they will ring you. i had this three times around the same times of night during the week once then they rang trying to sell stuff around that time, hope this helps

geek_whirly1, Feb 25, 11:33 am

Hmmm, interesting. We never get follow-up calls after the initial call.

geek_echoriath, Feb 25, 11:44 am

Had the same thing. It was Vodafone saying we needed to pay the bill! Ha ha.

Are you with Vodafone!

geek_spacies_nz, Feb 25, 11:58 am

It'll be the man that can't talk wanting a conversation. He's lonelyso humor him.

geek_owene, Feb 25, 10:50 pm

Still getting the calls. No, I'm not with Vodaphone. It's really kind of strange because I would understand if eventually someone came on and talked to me, but it's just silence, then "Goodbye". I notice it seems to be only on weekdays, but it's almost every day. Nothing shows on caller ID.

geek_echoriath, Feb 28, 2:08 am

I have had a couple of these calls - after saying Hullo 3-4 times, silence, then a whistle, then a Goodbye, in a strange voice.have been told alsorts of reasons for it, like people trying to get on your line, Next time I answer, and there is no reply to my first Hullo, will just hang up.

geek_matthews4, Feb 28, 7:11 pm

::bump for hwsuccess::

geek_echoriath, Mar 21, 9:04 pm

Most important thing to remember, hang up immediately and don't say anything. It's a computer auto dialler. It calls a thousand landlines every minute worldwide to see which numbers are active. If you don't hang up immediately and start yelling threats,it will register your number as active, which could be the start of a bombardment of spam and scams.

geek_mone, Mar 21, 9:13 pm

Interesting. So am I getting the spam e-mails because the phone number has been linked to my e-mail by data miners! Answering the phone therefore prompts spam! Or so you mean "spam" phone calls!

geek_echoriath, Mar 21, 9:20 pm

it randomly generates numbers to call. Nothing to do with your email

geek_mone, Mar 21, 9:32 pm

Ah, not too worried about scammers. The young fella answers the phone often when they call. He jumps on the computer and starts googling their scam. Then he starts hitting them with queries about their activities based on his findings. The phone calls stop pretty quick.

geek_echoriath, Mar 21, 9:37 pm

Hi guys, I have had those Goodbye ph calls, and I just got off the phone from and indian windows woman. about the 3rd time I think. Previously I have wolfwhistled rather loud right into the phone. This time I sat and listened to the spiel, and did what they wanted for a while, took me into the event centre, goodness only knows what that does. But anyway then I got passed onto an indian bloke,who wanted me to get outa there and turn my internet on. Haha here we go, so I stalled for a good while, asked him what the weather was doing, and then informed him I dont have the internet. It was priceless, he just couldnt understand that someone would have a computer and not the internet. Hah well after thoroughly confusing him he gave up on me and hung up. My entertainment for the afternoon. Silly but gratifying.

geek_spike910, Mar 30, 5:28 pm

I play the yes, no, maybe, don't know game. When they ask me a question I say, yes, um no, no, yes, no, maybe, no, yes, definately yes and move onto the next question - no, no, yes, um maybe, I don't know, yes, maybe, no, yes and so on. Eventually they give up but the persistent ones can hold on for a while.

geek_logo, Mar 31, 1:06 pm

its me! i love calling you! install a firewall on your dog so your cat can take a shit!!

geek_youguyssuck, Apr 3, 9:46 pm

That's exactly what happens to us. One time it was an indian guy I couldn't understand, I did happen to hear the word 'Microsoft' and 'virus' a few times. I ended up saying we don't have a computer and Internet after about five minutes and he hung up.

geek_guest, May 14, 9:16 pm

I get these all the time now

geek_guest, Jul 2, 10:17 pm

yes it happens to me

geek_guest, Jul 30, 11:19 pm

I've just had the best laugh I've had in weeks, still drying the tears on my face. I can't wait for the next os sales call, can't decide whether to invoke my husband who works for the nz police, or tell them I know their husband. Hilarious. Thanks! Oh yes, now I know what those weird calls are about. I love technology!

geek_guest_sunny_brea, Aug 18, 6:56 pm

one way to get them to stop calling you is to go along with their instructions,but never put the right passwords or numbers on your computer,they always say that must be wrong but you just keep saying NO its the right one,After 10 mins you explain that you did not arrive from planet ZOG and why don't they get a proper job in their own country.They get very annoyed and abusive,i just hang up,

geek_stop_con_men, Dec 12, 10:38 pm

I get a call, it is silent, then at the end it says "good bye" (in a mail automative voice) and then hangs up. This happens every Friday between 11 pm and 12 pm - most annoying!!!!

geek_wired, Apr 14, 1:05 pm

1954345899009543458990 - The number on my caller ID same thing happened to me tonight. I hope they call back I have lots of fun with them ha ha - but on the other hand the bastards would scare elderly or people with intellectual disablilities so not on really!

geek_jill, Sep 11, 7:19 pm