Looking to upgrade Acer desktop graphics card.

I have an Acer Aspire T135 Desktop.

http://support.acer.com/acerpanam/desktop/0000/Acer/AspireT135/AspireT135sp2.shtml Currently has integrated graphics. I am looking to upgrade them due to we have updated to Windows 7 (32 Bit) and the integrated graphics is not supported. Have upgraded the machine myself to 1.5GB Ram.
Have seen this one here.


Computer is used for watching youtube, facebook, flash games, kids games etc but not photo/video editing or high end gaming.

Is the GeForce 6200 a good card for this! This is my first time looking/installing a graphics card. What is a good AGP 8x card and will I need to upgrade the PSU at all!

geek_missyone, Feb 28, 6:38 pm

Yes it will do the trick for you. But remember you can get 512meg and 1gig AGP, so shop around

geek_swivel, Feb 28, 6:46 pm

You also need to make sure the card will physically fit in the case - open it up and see how much room you have

geek_vtecintegra, Feb 29, 9:53 am

Watse of time. The motherboard has: Expansion Slots 3 PCI v2.2 slots
1 AGP 8X for graphics card
You won't find any decent gaming capable cards now for that. They are all PCI-e now. Gaming hardware lasts at maximum 2 years.

geek_lythande1, Feb 29, 12:13 pm

They don't want to game though, and that 6200 should run Aero, Flash etc just fine

geek_vtecintegra, Feb 29, 12:18 pm

Rubbish, I have LAN box's with much older hardware than 2 years that play games perfectly fine. Dont get into thinking you have to get the latest and greatest to play games because you dont, unless you want to push the graphical boundaries there are few games that demand anything more than a 8800 GT and a Core 2 Duo.

geek_ropes2, Feb 29, 3:49 pm

I don't agree with that either - my Core2 Duo with GTX275 feels pushed these days

geek_vtecintegra, Feb 29, 4:17 pm

then lower your resolution.

Most games run fine on my lan box at medium detail. I've only ever come across one that does not work and that's Crysis.

geek_ropes2, Feb 29, 4:29 pm

Even bumping the resolution and quality down something like Skyrim isn't exactly a smooth experience. Plus GPU scaling looks pretty bad compared to the native resolution on an LCD monitor (obviously in-monitor scaling looks much worse again)

geek_vtecintegra, Feb 29, 4:39 pm

Skyrim i have played on my lan box and it is a big difference coming from my main gaming pc, but if i hadnt come from that, i probably wouldnt know any better - it's certainly not the best gfx, but it's perfectly playable when you dial the settings down.

geek_ropes2, Feb 29, 4:49 pm

People have different tolerances for poor game performance.

geek_vtecintegra, Feb 29, 4:53 pm

I agree, the average punter would not notice.

Hence when you are used to playing high detail, then you want to keep up.

geek_ropes2, Feb 29, 5:13 pm

LOL, I upgraded just my graphics cards from 2x GTX280s to 2x GTX560Ti's and I only got around ~10fps more on dx9 games, ~50fps more on dx10 and almost doubled on dx11.

geek_lostdude, Feb 29, 5:43 pm

LOL, I upgraded just my graphics cards from 2x GTX280s to 2x GTX560Ti's and I only got around ~10fps more on dx9 games, ~50fps more on dx10 and almost doubled on dx11 (even though I couldn't get dx11 originally anyway lol).

geek_lostdude, Feb 29, 5:43 pm

Yes that card will be ok.I see the CPU is either an Athlon Duo core or Sempron.If its Sempron, it will only make a small difference but if its the Duo core will speed it up heaps.

geek_ceebee2, Mar 1, 10:47 am

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geek_neville106, Mar 1, 5:43 pm