Printer problems.

vtired, Feb 26, 7:45am
My printer is telling me the ink cartridges in it are now not compatible which means I cannot print anything, does anyone know how to fix problem
Printer is a HP Photosmart C4280 All in one printer and I use hp ink cartridges Black is #74 and colour is # 75

drsr, Feb 26, 8:10am

vtired, Feb 27, 9:28am
Went through the lot and still not right, printer is out of warranty as well.!

ceebee2, Feb 28, 1:20am
So you are saying you also replaced the cartridges again with the same rersult!

vtired, Feb 28, 3:00am
Actually I have not tried that one yet as cannot afford new cartridges this week but will look into that option.

shane.64, Feb 28, 5:15am
Have you tried refitting them a few times until the printer reads them

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