Printer recommendation

charmed14, Feb 27, 6:53am
Does anyone know of a good brand, multifunction under $100, I need to do a lot of printing of readings for uni so the four seperate cartridges would be good.

smoothjazz, Feb 27, 6:58am
Does it have to be colour!, coz some of the laser ones are pretty cheap these days, in fact, I bought one two weeks ago for $49 (after redemption)!, otherwise, before deciding which one to get, check the consumables prices before making the final decision.

happy2buy, Feb 27, 8:53am

lostdude, Feb 27, 9:41am
A lot of printing + Laser = good investment. A lot of printing + inkjet = wasted $$$.

lonfa, Feb 27, 11:16am
Looking at Samsung mono laser printers,
cheap to run, reasonable brand, No problems with them.
Toner's a reasonable price too.

vtecintegra, Feb 28, 2:25am
You don't want to buy an inkjet if you print any significant amount.

Actually if you have a lot of stuff to read I'd consider buying a tablet like an iPad or Acer A200 and reading off that - it'll work out cheaper before too long

charmed14, Feb 28, 4:46am
I was looking at the Epson Workforce 320 with student discount it will be roughly $80.00

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