Adobe photoshop or somthing else please

Adobe photoshop or somthing else please Hi my daughter needs Adobe photo for her school work I cant really afford it just for 1 project she is doing, i dont know much about it but maybe there is a free download just for a few weeks, I've been to Adobe but no free download till next month, would there be anything else she could use, Thanks

geek_djkennedy, Jun 18, 7:57 pm

GIMP works the same as (sort of) .

geek_flewy, Jun 18, 7:59 pm

Oh and its free.

geek_flewy, Jun 18, 8:00 pm

Gimpshop The Gimp with menus more like Photoshop, so you can follow most tutorials.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 18, 8:07 pm

Thanks Thanks for your help

geek_djkennedy, Jun 18, 8:11 pm

Orif only for one thing - download the free trial of photoshop, guessing it would be time limited rather than functionality

geek_dino7, Jun 18, 9:24 pm