Wireless adapter for Win XP home pc

Do I look for a PCI card internal or a USB adapter! Any recommendations as to the best way to go! Thanks.

geek_kayjaycee, Feb 23, 11:35 am

Either or. Both will work. Depends really on whether you have a PCI slot or a USB port available. PCI ones would also be likely slightly cheaper since they are not as 'portable' (whereas you can plug the usb one in different computers etc. though I can't think of many situations that will do that).

Signal reception would vary pending on the antenna - rather than what interface the device connects to. If it's fairly close to the access point though, that would really not matter much either.

geek_volkier, Feb 23, 11:41 am

I've got one of these USB dongles. Goes well on Linux and Windows XP.

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 23, 1:06 pm

PCI ones are less prone to failure

geek_pcmaster, Feb 23, 2:08 pm

I've got two Dick Smith PCI WiFI adapters used in my home, and they work fine. It's a discontinued product so may be hard to find, but the last DSE I went to had two left. A USB adapter might be more versatile in the long-run, but I liked having it all internal on the two PC's I needed to put on the network.

geek_pzkpfw, Feb 23, 3:19 pm