WIRELESS ADSL ROUTER in one? Or separates?

hapukanz, Feb 28, 11:10am
Bit of advice needed here

Am about to get a new Wireless ADSL router.
Question is would an all in one be best or is it best to go separates!

I am looking at the TP LINK all in ones but I see they do separates as well


oclaf, Feb 28, 11:55am
If you have to ask then you don't need a separate modem and router.

digga7, Feb 28, 12:26pm
Don't separate them. Get an all in 1. I have a wired modem and a wifi router plus a VoIP box. If I could afford an all in 1, I would get one. Less hassle and I reckon it would be faster.

sunshine60, Feb 28, 12:44pm
a "wireless adsl router" of any kind is going to be all in one.

drsr, Feb 28, 10:47pm
Separates mean you can swap out either part with less expense and disruption when it breaks or when something better comes along. You also get a bit more choice of router firmware. On the downside there is one more wall wart and network cable, and ISP techs don't understand your setup so you have to pretend to have a regular one when you're trying to get them to admit that the problem is at their end.

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