Old acer aspire 1350

skye999, Feb 23, 9:24am
have been given one of these for my son just for email and facebook etc. It has xp on it. is it too old to put vista on and run wireless!

pc_uncorrect, Feb 23, 1:10pm
Your laptop would probably perform ok with Vista, given you have enough ram (2gb) and can find compatible drivers.
XP would be my preference, as drivers are readily available from Acers website, and XP performs well with minimal ram (512mb).

ceebee2, Feb 24, 3:20am
You would have to be mad to want to replace XP with Vista for a start. XP can run wireless.

chnman, Feb 24, 3:47am
There are no drivers for Vista/7 for that model on the Acer NZ website. Have a look and see:

Go to http://www.acer.co.nz/ac/en/NZ/content/drivers

Then select: Notebook > Aspire > Aspire 1350

You *might* be able to use Vista, and run Windows Update and see if it comes up with any drivers, and maybe some of the XP drivers could work, but if it were me, I would stick with XP for that machine.

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