Printer wont print from computer

annmary79, Feb 23, 2:49am
Even though I have the printer connected to the internet,it shows that it is offline and wont print.Now I have a backlog of material to be printed.What has gone wrong!

kevin16, Feb 23, 2:58am

mgc54, Feb 23, 3:01am
Turn off your printer.Power down your PC. wait 30 seconds.Power up your printer first, then your PC.try again!

hopie, Feb 23, 3:02am
connected to the internet!

annmary79, Feb 23, 3:25am
Thanks,tuned off computor etc,message says,printer not ready to print.

mgc54, Feb 23, 3:31am
Maybe your print buffer is clogged!
Start/Devices and printers/your printer icon.look in there for a window that shows what you have been trying to print. Highlight each item, click on "document" and "cancel"
Having done that try again!

smoothjazz, Feb 23, 4:25am
Like others, I wonder what do you mean by "connected to the internet"!!, enlighten us with a bit more info so we can help

annmary79, Feb 23, 4:43am
I am trying to print off a confirmation document,from my Hotmail account,hence I am connected to the internet.

kevin16, Feb 23, 5:27am
k, is your printer on, connected to the computer, recognized and set as default in your printers and scanners!

smoothjazz, Feb 23, 5:34am
Did you try printing something else off your pc like a word document, image . etc!, I mean something locally stored and not on the net!

r.g.nixon, Feb 23, 7:19am
Try stopping & restarting your print spooler service. Start > Run (to get a 'run box). Type in (no quotes) "services.msc". (Enter)

very_hotpants, Feb 23, 8:04am
Delete the first one - if that one has an error then it will block the rest.
Check that the default printer is the one you want to print from.
Check the cales are in
Switch on then back on - both pc and printer

digga7, Feb 23, 2:40pm
Are the drivers still installed! Try updating them.

annmary79, Feb 23, 9:37pm
I can scan,no problem

r.g.nixon, Feb 23, 9:51pm
Scanning uses different software to printing.

annmary79, Feb 24, 12:49am
To mgc54,did as you suggested,still no luck,still says,printer not ready to print.

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