I've just had a good Free AVG 8 experience

hazel26, Jun 18, 9:41am
In totalthats TWO happy AVG8 users I know of. I refuse to install it on my clients PC's, because I know it will come back to me to fix again because their computer is "sluggish".

rhys.m, Jun 18, 9:42am
Hackers tool? I don't think so. False positive from AVG, yes.

charles.j, Jun 18, 10:24am
i've never used avg because it uses the resources up like its a child in a candy store. i've never recommended it either. Anti-vir has always been brilliant.

swivel, Jun 18, 10:29am
Nothing wrong with AVG Works fine, Haven't seen A PC that AVG slows down. I'd say it isn't AVG thats the cause. And if your Local and having problems with it, Bring it in and I'll set it up correctly. I know Pixma and intrade will jump in and say it's crap, But since they haven't tried it, You cant go by what they say

kylestyle, Jun 18, 10:31am
Lol yeah AVG always reports false positives it did it when i installed the Crysis demo, for Pete's sake!

blenheim-trader, Jun 18, 10:49am
Have Avg 7.5 on Win98 /Avg 8.0 on XP pro & Vista .Triple boot system Have no problems with any of them. I have disabled link scanner via ie7 add ons in Xp & Vista. Also have Avast running on win98 as a backup (resident sheild disabled)as a backup.

pcfix4u, Jun 18, 10:51am
I am always catching bugs on pcs that nortons has missed, time and time again, so AVG gets my vote, and it can scan individual drives and folders which some of the other freebess cant.

swivel, Jun 18, 8:14pm
If you use spy-bot and immunize then AVG will pick that up.

ferrit47, Jun 18, 9:52pm
Yes I have Avg 8.0 and perviously 7.5 and havent had any problems with it.

ringo2, Jun 19, 12:21am
AS THE SONG GOES..........Here we go again.............lol

swivel, Jun 19, 12:25am
Ringo2 yep. getting like the MS V Linux. or XP V Vista

ringo2, Jun 19, 12:40am
Swivel Well being a well retired geriatric it gives me something to follow aand fills in the day....lol!!!

swivel, Jun 19, 12:42am
Lol true

ringo2, Jun 19, 12:57am
Hi swivel I use and have always used Expolrer as my browser..........what is your opinion of Firefox 3 and is it worth changing over?

swivel, Jun 19, 1:19am
Well I'm IE and have been for years. I'd say it's just a choice. I have seen FF (on customers PC's) but haven't seen anything to make me change.

pcgeek, Jun 19, 1:20am
ahh but jaguar while AVG picked up the transfer from external hard drive to memory stick, why didn't it pick up on the file on the external hard drive in the first place?
Personally I use a pay anti virus called Steganos, it's got the AVG7 user interface but has the Kaspersky engine, cost me US$41.00
and it picked up on viruses that AVG didn't.

ringo2, Jun 19, 2:02am
Thanks swivel Guess that I will just stick with IE............at least I have a rough idea what I am doing with it....lol

ferrit47, Jun 19, 2:18am
#!! Its called Oh My Lifes A Circle as it goes around again !!!

jaguar2007, Jun 19, 5:39am
i was wondering that too??? but i thought oh well because the program is freeand mainly I wanted to let everyone know that the "real time protection" part of it really worksbecause Free AVG7.5 didnt have anything like that:) thats what avg called it and broadly speaking, i'd have to agree, Magical jellybean hacks into the system and steals the windows serial number :)

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