Can't install antispyware advice please

finky1, Feb 29, 10:17pm
I have a problem with installing a genuine Avast programme, my previously installed Avast ( which i have been using for years) was bumped off .I installed Avast off what i thought was a genuine website, it turned out to be a fraud! and was stopped by security as it was going to spawn. Now i cannot install the Genuine Avast (which i emailed from my other computer) as it keeps saying Fatal error,setup cannot continue. Tried to uninstall the one that is on there and doesn't work,but it wont uninstall. Any suggestions to what i should do! Are there other free antispyware recommended !

mark.52, Feb 29, 10:32pm
Use a clean computer (not the infected one), and download , save the installer to a memory stick. Rename the installer file "finky1" (or something else. The idea being that a decent malware infection will recognise the name of an installer/program that is going to kill it, and block same.) Transfer the installer file to the desktop of the sick computer. Double click it to run the installation. When it is installed, open it, update it, and run a quick scan. Have it remove anything it finds. If prompted to reboot to complete removal, do so promptly.
Avast (or any program) should only be obtained from the home website, or an approved mirror such as Cnet, FileHippo etc.

Let me know how you get on. It's often not necessary to rename the installer, sometimes it is, so it's worth doing. If it's a really smart malware, you'll need to rename the exe from within the program files folder, too, after it's installed.

If you can't install anything, try running from a memory stick, downloaded using a clean computer again.

chnman, Feb 29, 10:53pm
What operating system! If it's Win 7, after trying Malwarebytes or whatever else is suggested, you could do a system restore if this is possible. You would choose a restore point dated BEFORE you had the problem. Go to control panel, and search "restore system files and settings" (without the quote marks).

drcspy, Mar 1, 1:53am

the ONLY 'genuine' website would be (tho there are others which are 'genuine' also such as filehippo etc)
as for ' stopped by security as it was going to spawn' what DO you mean !
what security !
what was the EXACT message !

finky1, Mar 1, 5:54am
Thanks Mark.52 i will follow your instructions.


drcspy, Mar 1, 5:58am
Don't bother answering and I wont bother helping - seems fair

mark.52, Mar 1, 10:03am
@finky1, you're welcome. I'd be rather inclined to address drcspy's questions as this could well shed more light on the problem leading to a better tailored solution.

finky1, Mar 1, 6:18pm
To drcspy and Mark. 52, thanks for your help. The exact message was Fatal error, Setup cannot continue. I still cannot install a new Avast programme although i downloaded and used Malewarebytes from a clean computer.Before i asked for help i had already tried System restore. It is an older computer Windows XP. So far i haven't been able to delete the original Avast programme files that no longer work.They are on the hard drive i have since discovered.cheers.

chnman, Mar 1, 7:46pm
Because you've had Avast installed before, and you are having trouble now, you could at least try the "Avast uninstaller" from Avast that you have to run in safe mode. I recently upgraded a relative's version of the free Avast antivirus from v6 to v7, and I decided to first uninstall v6 and couldn't. I had to run the uninstall utility before installing v7. So maybe just a thought. Of course the error could be due to the fake software, but it might be worth a try anyway. Remember it has to be run in "safe mode".

finky1, Mar 1, 10:53pm
Thanks for that advice chnman i will try that then.

mark.52, Mar 1, 11:19pm
Did MBAM find anything!If so, can you post the file names found/deleted! (A copy of the scan report would be just fine.)
Did you update it prior to scanning!

After running the Avast uninstall utility, reboot, then install a fresh copy of Avast and see how that goes. Reboot when prompted.

finky1, Mar 2, 3:56am
Yes it did find a few, i have a visitor at the moment will come back tommorrow.

thanks for your help everyone.

finky1, Mar 3, 12:37am
Sorry ihave visitors all weekend, maybe get back to copying log later.

mark.52, Mar 7, 1:50am
Looks good. Download two files: and .the free version is the top download on the page. Save both these to the desktop. Disconnect the pc from the world wild web.

Follow the directions provided at the first link:
Reboot into normal mode, double click the installer file to install Avast 7 . Let it do its thing. Reboot when prompted. If not prompted, reboot anyway when it has completed installing.

Reconnect to the www. Avast should download updates, and advise you that it has done so. There should be an orange icon with a white "a" in it in the system tray.

finky1, Mar 7, 4:46am
Hi Mark.52i did as you advised,downloading both the uninstaller and Avast 7,but when i tried to uninstall Avast i was stopped by the computer, this message came up. Desktop: aswclear.exe is not a valid win 32 application, and i couldn't proceed from there. Where do i go from here i wonder!

drcspy, Mar 7, 4:48am
try 'revouninstaller' it'll rip just about anything out

mark.52, Mar 7, 4:55am
finky1, if this happens whenever you attempt to run a program/installer that you've just downloaded, I'd suspect something a bit nasty. I've seen evidence of this message before, when there was a file infector present on a users computer. (The infector was part of the Vitro family, you might want to google that for background info.)

See if Revo uninstaller will install ok.If it does, when you install it and run it, before deleting registry entries, make sure you ONLY remove the bolded ones. Expand each tree shown, and only remove the sub-entries that are bold. This will make sense when you run it. If it doesn't, try the help files, or ask for clarification.

lostdude, Mar 7, 5:51am
+1, however, Revouninstaller has a portable version that you can use without installing.

finky1, Mar 7, 6:01am
Thanks for your help guys will try Revouninstaller.

chnman, Mar 7, 6:07am
Looking at your original post - can you remember the fake website you refer to! It might be possible to find out from others who have been there if they found out what the malware was and if they found a fix. Maybe your browser history could help with the site URL.

jcmp21, Mar 7, 6:18am
Listen to me. What is the EXACT ERROR. Report back

jcmp21, Mar 7, 6:18am
Report back!

jcmp21, Mar 7, 6:19am
OK I'm out. I have other people in desperate need of lifesaving technical rescue.

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