Upgrade Laptop Hard Drive. Advice please

mcscottwgtn, Mar 1, 4:42am
I want to upgrade my laptop's hard drive as I have run out of storage. Have seen a few utube videos and one on the Western Digital website. Looks easy and less painful than handing over $175 for a 500gb drive & $50 for labour.
I prefer to go down the 'image' of old hard drive route than installing everything again. What software is best to take an 'image'!
I guess I will need to purchase an enclosure to do the 'image' and the new drive separately or do you get everything together including the software!
My laptop is a Sony Vaio VGN-CR23G running a 120GB Serial ATA 5400rpm hard drive.
Are the higher rpm drives a risk with overheating!

drcspy, Mar 1, 5:35am
What is your current operating system ,!

drcspy, Mar 1, 5:37am
A faster drive won't overheat it will use more power

drcspy, Mar 1, 5:38am
If you have access to a desktop you could use that to do the image just slave the old drive and the nee one

mcscottwgtn, Mar 1, 6:44am
Running Vista.Using more power makes sense with a faster rpm.Happy in buying an enclosure as the old drive could be used as a backup.

bluecambridge, Mar 1, 6:50am
Some enclosures come with backup software, I personally like to use Paragon free edition, has some great features. But there are as many options out there as there is grains of sand it all comes down to personal preference

mcscottwgtn, Mar 1, 6:58am
So most backup software can do an 'image' of a drive! Then you just copy it to the new drive and install the hard drive! All done.

bluecambridge, Mar 1, 8:10am
Yes. Creating a backup image of a drive is pretty much the whole point of backup software. If I were you, I would experiment to make sure I could successfully perform a backup and restore using your chosen software, before committing to anything. I've recommended Paragon, but can't vouch for others, maybe do a web search for "top ten backup software" or whatever, read some reviews, do a little research. Don't go for EaseUSin my opinion, it wouldn't restore properly for me a drive it had supposedly backed-up successfully.

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