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j.k, Jun 18, 11:14am
Help with printer at work I have a Brother laser,fax,printer ( all in one ).Yesterday the computer asked if I wanted to install updates? I said yesnow there is no way the printer will work. I can photo copy etc...(so it has ink)but If I want to print something from the computer it just wont do it. I have un-installed & re-installed the computer, restarted the computer. I really need this printer to work, I require this daily for customers. I spent almost all day working it out. anyone got any ideas?

j.k, Jun 18, 11:18am
Onthe Brother Web-site it mentions if you install updates it may not update the printer as it may be too old.My computer & printer are both around 4 months old (so they aren't old)

blenheim-trader, Jun 18, 11:19am
Do you have the original installation discs If you do completely uninstall printer and all software. Re install the Printer with your cdrom that was provided with it.. or try system restore if you have Xp /Vista

gibler, Jun 18, 11:45am
What updates were these ? Brother or Windows? Model of printer? What is your OS?

j.k, Jun 18, 11:55am
I think I have my answer...from that web-site . when mucking around with the buttons on the printer I noted it had a Low tonner - On this web site it said NO MATTER WOT IT just wont print when it is low ( but will photocopy )

j.k, Jun 18, 11:57am
I think they were just updates for Microsoft,

_sexylady_, Jun 18, 11:59am
Take toner out and give it a gentle shakeour brother all in one is the same, pain in the rear end!

gibler, Jun 18, 12:02pm
I can them Bothers at work at least 2 Brother MFCs just died completely and the software/drivers can be messy (it makes HP's MFC software look good).

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