Ilife 09 family pack question

daddyb, Mar 25, 8:33am
Hi there, I have used iweb that came with my apple computer and built myself a website ( that I really like, as do others. I have now been asked to build someone elses website and have found out that ilife 11 doesn't have iweb on it. Grrrrr! Can I purchase ilife 09 family pack from say amazon and make another website using my computer! And will I still be able to get hosting for it! thanks so much for your time and any advice. bec

rahto, Mar 25, 7:57pm
As far as I know, iLife '11 DOES have iWeb, it's just the '09 version. That and iDVD are the 09 version as they didn't update them.

"+What's in the Box+

+DVD containing iPhoto '11, iMovie '11, GarageBand '11, _*iWeb (v3.0.2)*_, iDVD (v7.1)+"

lythande1, Mar 25, 8:07pm
You don't have to use iweb you know. Hosting supports all sots, plain html, PHP, sites done with CMS's.

daddyb, Mar 26, 5:54am
I spoke to a guy at magnum mac and he said that the ilife 11 version of iweb can not go live or can't be hosted or something. I'm not too sure why. I have spoken to someone at free parking who has asked for the system requirements for iweb. Does anyone here know the system requirements!

Lythande1 I don't know how to program websites which is why i have loved making my own website as I could just do it all myself. It had completely blank pages so I could do what ever I wanted. I haven't been able to find a template that can allow me to do that.

dunedin_ree, Mar 26, 6:24am
Just a wild guess, but possibly the 11 version *only* publishes to a .me account!

Worth checking.

Migrate your site to something else (wordpress springs to mind).

martinhb, Mar 26, 6:33am

daddyb, Mar 30, 8:30am
My website isn't a mobile me one. I just have normal hosting with free parking. So surely I could still build iweb sites and host them with web hosting other than mobileme!

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