How to access Bios

How to access Bios I am trying to access the Bios on a Toshiba Satellite A10, running WinXP Home. I have tried various Function keys on start up with no success. Please can someone tell me how to enter the Bios settings page? Thanks.

geek_datoofairy, Jun 19, 10:31 am

Sometimes del or esc or alt-f2 or f2 or f1?

geek_seriouslycgi, Jun 19, 10:35 am

F 10 I think??? :D

geek_1clickaway, Jun 19, 10:42 am

OkSo I CAN be wrong: Woot woot: Try; "Boot the system up and hold down the‘Esc’ key, then press F1 when you get the check system message. You are then in the BIOS Setup and you can make your changes and save and exit by pressing the ‘End’ key." As taken from google :D

geek_1clickaway, Jun 19, 10:45 am