Printer Help Please.

ribena1, Mar 25, 9:00pm
I bought a printer off here, a Canon Pixma MP280.Tried to install last night, plugged it in expecting it to just go lol.Do I need software for it!I only got given the printer and cords, I thought I would be able to use or do you have to have a software disc to install!

lilyfield, Mar 25, 9:13pm

hakatere1, Mar 25, 9:15pm
Yeah, just the driver for your os. You don't need all the other bloat.

ribena1, Mar 25, 9:26pm
HI I've started this but got to a screen where I need to register adn pay money which I'm a bit unsure of doing really! Will this really help get my printer working!

r.g.nixon, Mar 25, 9:34pm

ribena1, Mar 25, 9:45pm
Figured it out, I downloaded from Canon, thanks everyone, now it has no ink!

hakatere1, Mar 25, 9:53pm
Yeah, probably no-one would sell one with ink. Buy from inkvenus dot co dot nz. About 1/4 the price of original. Well, 1/3 anyway.

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