Screen shot on a Toshiba Satellite?

gregg74, Mar 26, 12:10am
I've tried to do a screen shot using Fn + PRTSC but nothing seems to be happening - but maybe something is happening that I'm unaware of!What is the next step does it automatically go into a folder or !

gregg74, Mar 26, 12:13am
Worked it out - opened paint & went from there

kew, Mar 26, 2:49am
Isn't it "Control" - "Print Screen"

mazdasix, Mar 26, 2:54am
No just print screen does the trick.

tryko, Mar 26, 6:34am
In windows 8 press windows key an print screen and it goes automaticaly in your pictures folder

r.g.nixon, Mar 26, 6:46am
Windows 8 here too. It annoys me, as I already have a clipboard manager, 'Ditto', running which keeps prtscrn images.

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