Remote access?

b.j.nichols, Mar 26, 11:32pm
I am needing to remotely access my work computer from home, mainly just reading files and getting into programs to view the information. What do I need to use! a VPN or something else!. I looked on the net and it appears you have to pay for a VPN! Both work and home computers are connected to broadband, the work system is running win7 and the home is Vista. Any ideas/ help would be appreciated.

drcspy, Mar 26, 11:47pm
And many others

gj, Mar 27, 12:04am is brilliant. I used it for several months while I was overseas.Even has remote Wake On LAN so you can reboot remotely. The free version also lets you access your PC from iPad or iphones.

pyro_sniper2002, Mar 27, 1:15am
Does your work place have a solution for this at all! Some places don't like people accessing their work pc from home for risk management reasons.

organickiwi, Mar 27, 1:30am
Definitely TEAM VIEWER. Great to use.

cessna3, Mar 27, 1:32am
Second for logmein, is free also.

themuss11, Mar 27, 5:56am
you can get a free static ip if you are on telecom total home then use the built in windows remote desktop which is a great way if you have it set up

pyro_sniper2002, Mar 27, 6:06am
That is 100% unsecure unless you have a VPN tunnel in place.

phoenix2004, Mar 27, 6:56am
LogMeIn and TeamViewer are both good. Only because I know how to use them

drcspy, Mar 27, 6:58am
link please

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