OS X 10.7 & windows printers

charles.j, Mar 27, 8:46pm
I've seen a lot of people are having the same problem as me. Has anyone actually managed to get a printer shared via a windows computer working!

Active directory -> Printer share = No go

lostdude, Mar 27, 8:57pm
hmmm. yeah, AFAIK Windows drivers don't work on Mac so I don't know how you expected that to work! "Shared Printers" in Windows just shares the driver so any other Windows PC on the network can automatically install it. If you want to truly share a printer between different OS's, get a network capable one.

charles.j, Mar 27, 9:15pm
There are OS X drivers available for this printer, however none of them work. I've tried the 10.7 drivers too.

Everything was fine until people upgrade to 10.7

As far as I can tell, 10.7 has broken samba(by searching a ton of forums).

http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php!t=1203336 <- for example

lostdude, Mar 27, 9:29pm
Ah, k. It's Apple's fault. Seems they removed Samba support in Lion in favour of their own crap again & now it doesn't work lol. I would help, but I can't be arsed with Apple lol.

charles.j, Mar 27, 9:54pm
The only real solution I have is to kill it with fire

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