Canon Printer HELP please .

ribena1, Mar 28, 10:49pm
I started a thread earlier in the week, I bought a Canon Pixma MP280 off here but didn't get given the manual or software setup disc.The seller has said they don't have them and to just find the driver download on google.I'm not that up with all this stuff and I just don't know where to find the driver download to get this printer to work, I want to download from Canon but still struggling.Would anyone be so kind as to find the correct download for me and post a link! Thanks

ribena1, Mar 28, 11:10pm
bump please help

lilyfield, Mar 28, 11:22pm
which OS!

ribena1, Mar 28, 11:35pm
ummm windows xp I think!

lilyfield, Mar 28, 11:46pm
I think! Yes or no!

lilyfield, Mar 28, 11:49pm

tigra, Mar 28, 11:52pm
Google it, there are several free download sources. Not sure that it matters too much if its XP or anotherlater OS.

lilyfield, Mar 29, 12:02am
she wants to download from canon where you have to enter OS and Version
to get to the correct driver

ribena1, Mar 29, 12:03am
Thanks Lilyfield, will give it a go.

ribena1, Mar 29, 12:19am
OMG this is driving me crazy, now its saying there is no ink and I've put two new refil cartridges in it! I think I'm goign to tell the seller I want my money back and return it!

lilyfield, Mar 29, 1:17am
did you try printing tho!

Mine gives me that message- but still prints. ( I refill my own cartridges)

ribena1, Mar 29, 1:22am
No it comes up when I try to print and just doesn't work, it just has error messages all the time,

hakatere1, Mar 29, 2:10am
A lesson learnt ribena. Unfortunately some people use tm to get shot of their rubbish. Printers are so cheap, why buy 2nd hand!Especially Canon, cheap as chips.

ribena1, Mar 29, 2:35am
Yeah I'm too trusting, they said it was brand new and they had good feedback.Anyway am going to take it back to them.

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